Discovering the world of music by the Recorder.

Original production by Italian Progetti Sonori and readapted for Scandinavia by Eva Rosa

Including 3 compositions and play along tracks by Enrico Rosa

Distributed in Scandinavia by: Do - Re / Eva & Enrico Rosa

Alpetoppen 25 6000 Kolding - Danmark

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(Danish Text) Distributed by Do- Re.

A very effective guide into learning how to play the bass
and be very well aware of the harmonic functions.
Walking,chords and harmonics are included, giving
an all round knowledge to any student.
This book is also a perfect method for any musician
who wishes to play bass as a second instrument.




Guitar Voicing Vol I

Distributed by

II,V I, Turnarounds, Substitutions, Forth, and Symmetric chords.

This guitar voicing volume I, is one of a continuing series of guitar books of harmony,
due to help guitarists into creating arrangements or any background in the jazz idiom
as well as in any other style.


Guitar Voicing Vol. II

Upper Structure

A book that will give to any guitarist a more complete way of making music.
US 3-4-5 voices and combinations with other voicing techniques including
very useful patterns for the interpretation
of chords in the Jazz idiom.

Guitar Voicing Vol. III

Symmetric chords related to melodic minor, whole tone and diminished scales.
More knowledge and possibilities to create music and paint it, with the infinite colors of harmony.
A Must for a musician who is near to get the understanding of music idioms.

The original scores of Campo di Marte

and other compositions by Enrico Rosa

at Do - Re

Forthcoming Books:

"Open Strings" : Chords with harmonics, chords of any kind with open strings and harmonics,
including compositions with the use of harmonics.

"Blues voicing" : A complete book about voicing the blues in its many different formulas.

Improvisation by: Superimposition, substitutions,upperstructure, symmetric scales, substitutions, pentatonic etc.

This work will be divided in several short books treating each specific technique.