Great success for the Link XII

April the 8th 2009

Absolutely an unforgettable concert, with Link XII, has taken place, at Corsaro Moonlight on Sunday the 5th: On Jazz, Soul, Fusion, and Funky project, created by Francesca Pasquinucci in cooperation with Davide Giannoni.
Corsaro Rosso's audience has lived through, with great enthusiasm and concentration, the electric jazz performance of these four great musicians.
At first the eclectic Italian - Danish guitarist Enrico Rosa accompanied by another outstanding guitarist: Vincenzo Bramanti and a rhythm section of very high standards with Renato Marcianó on bass and Michele Leonardi on drums.
During the concert, beside a personal interpretation of known jazz standards, Link XII has introduced their original compositions included in the group's 2006 album "Back Home" recorded in Italy and Denmark. Thus created an explosive mixture in a captivating two hours concert of electric bluesy jazz, fused with rock and funk, with tunes like Tapum, Kiss my hands, Dense and delightful, Scherzo Rosa and Three minutes blues.
Back home is worldwide distributed by BTF and is becoming a success upon audience and reviewers due to the group intricate sound.
The great success at Corsaro Moonlight has been another testimonial of how Link XII's musical experimentation is capable of involve deeply even an audience less acquainted to the style.
The audience had lived through, not just a Concert, but, a magic experience of Music with a Capitol M.